A tax on multimillionaires is vital to overcome the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, reduce inequality, and enable a fairer, more secure, and happier society. It is in everyone’s shared interest. 

We experience that when we –  the multimillionaires – speak, decision-makers, media and the public listen, and so we are aware of our responsibility. When we speak out in support of a tax on people like us, we are amongst the most effective advocates for it.

What we want

We propose a 1% wealth tax in every country, allocated to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

We envision a future where all the Sustainable Development Goals have been implemented, in part thanks to increased financing from wealth taxes across the world, which has ended extreme poverty and reduced inequality. A future where almost no one is without school, health, water or who is earning less than they need to fulfil their basic needs. A future where the top 1% have only 1/3 of total wealth.

Our Approach

We use our voice to engage the media, the public and decision-makers. We support expert research on effective solutions. We work alongside allied organisations

As an independent network, we engage representatives from across political parties, to make the case for a 1% wealth tax on multimillionaires.