Vision and Mission

Millionaires for Humanity advocates a wealth tax of 1% on multimillionaires to support the COVID-19 recovery, tackle poverty and climate change and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Research by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network highlighted the funding gap for the world to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and the resources that a 1% wealth tax could raise to help enable this.

Millionaires for Humanity aims to help address this funding gap in partnership with all stakeholders, such as the UN, governments, finance think tanks, and grassroots organisations.


A tax on multimillionaires is vital to overcome the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, reduce inequality, and enable a fairer, more secure, and happier society. It is in everyone’s shared interest. 

We experience that when we –  the multimillionaires – speak, decision-makers, media and the public listen, and so we are aware of our responsibility. When we speak out in support of a tax on people like us, we are amongst the most effective advocates for it.

Who we are

Millionaires for Humanity is a collaboration of high-net-worth individuals committed to going beyond philanthropy. We advocate the systemic change needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. We are based across the world. 

Our work is guided by an advisory board of international experts. Our secretariat is hosted by Human Act, a foundation based in Copenhagen and registered under Danish law.

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Our Approach

We use our voice to engage the media, the public and decision-makers. We support expert research on effective solutions. We work alongside allied organisations

As an independent network, we engage representatives from across political parties, to make the case for a 1% wealth tax on multimillionaires.