Go beyond philanthropy - join Millionaires for Humanity

Why is it important that you as a millionaire speak up for a wealth tax? Millionaires have a unique role in advocating for wealth taxes and are very effective advocates for it, especially in the challenge of shifting the narrative.

Many people believe that a wealth tax is anti-rich, that it would hurt business development and cause wealthy people to leave the country causing damage to the economy to the extent that it is not worth the revenue from it.

None of those things are true, but they are all widely believed. Wealthy people can debunk these narrative obstacles, something people who are not wealthy cannot do in such an effective way.

We give our members an international network of like-minded peers. We offer them the ability to achieve ambitious goals for humanity that are larger and more complex than any philanthropist can achieve alone.

Why should a millionaire join Millionaires for Humanity?
Philanthropy is not enough

Get the opportunity to achieve something more significant than you as a philanthropist can achieve alone.

Your voice is influential

When multimillionaires speak up for a wealth tax, decision-makers, media, and the public listen.

Dynamic Network

Belong to a dynamic network of peers who all envision a fairer and more equal world.

Help along the way

We will support you every step of the way, and you are never alone in your advocacy.