Nick Hanauer

Count me in as a happy [wealth] taxpayer.

When you have a class of people who live entirely different lives from the vast majority and have so much wealth and power, it’s just not good for any society. By reinstating some taxes on wealthy people, there’s a lot of incredible things that the money can be used for, that, honestly, I truly believe will improve the lived experience for every American. Count me in as a happy [wealth] taxpayer.

Nick is a successful business leader, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. In recent years, Hanauer has established himself as a civic innovator, public speaker, and fierce critic of America’s growing income inequality. Hanauer and his wife Leslie established The Nick and Leslie Hanauer Foundation focusing on public education and the environment, supporting both local and national causes in America. Nick is also the founder of civic ventures a group of “political troublemakers” an organisation that unsubscribes from typical political polarity and promotes ideas, policies and actions to bring about social change on both a local and national scale.