Hassan Rezaei

I want to create a more just and sustainable world. Income inequality is higher in the world today than it was decades ago. I want to change that and create a more just and sustainable world, with equal access to resources and opportunities. With God’s help and technology, we can achieve this.

Hassan Rezaei is a philanthropist and former university lecturer with 27 years of public service experience in the economic and executive fields. He also has some hands-on experience in the food industry.
He believes that despite all the efforts to eradicate poverty and promote justice throughout history, it still holds that hunger, poverty, lack of health, and education is a widespread disasters worldwide. He is eager to find solutions to eliminate discrimination and injustice in the world and to improve the cultural, health, and educational situation of the vulnerable, less fortunate people living in extreme poverty. He urges everyone to join this campaign and to step up for saving humanity and our beautiful planet.