Djaffar Shalchi

Moral and a human obligation to make sure no one is left behind. I believe that people like me – the most privileged people to walk the Earth – have a moral and a human obligation to do our part and make sure no one is left behind.

Djaffar Shalchi, born in 1961, Engineer, real estate entrepreneur and more importantly philanthropist and founder of Human Act Foundation with its initiative Move Humanity and Millionaires for Humanity, advocating for a wealth tax on millionaires.

At the age of 8 Djaffar moved from Tehran (Iran) to Denmark, Djaffar experienced the Danish welfare system at its best counting himself fortunate to receive a free education, free healthcare and much more. All financed through taxes.

He also traveled extensively in his younger days, experiencing many cultures and living standards and experiencing extreme poverty itself. It is all this early experiences that shaped Djaffar’s belief in the importance of the Nordic social model.

Djaffar established the Human Act foundation in March 2016 to ensure that no one is left behind, and to give back to the society that have given him so much. Because no one is “self-made” that word don’t exist in Djaffar´s opinion.

From Human Act came Move Humanity and Millionaires for Humanity, stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, which highlighted and exacerbated the global issue of wealth inequality. Djaffar’s primary focus is on the implementation of a global 1% wealth tax, a tax that would see us achieve the sustainable development goals, saving the planet and all the people that exist on it.

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