Ané Maro

Our fortunes are not just ours. It is also society’s. In my opinion, our great fortunes are not just ours. It is also society’s. We can keep large part of it for our children and grandchildren, but something else must happen.

Ané Maro, born in 1961, is first and foremost an amazing wife and mother, married to Djaffar, for the last 42 years. Mother of 2 children and grandmother of 2 grandchildren who all love her dearly.

Ané is the co-founder of Human Act Foundation. Ané and Djaffar made their fortune through a successful property investment company in Copenhagen. Together with Djaffar they decided to donate half of their fortune to create the Human Act Foundation in 2016. In 2017, they established Move Humanity and later Millionaires for Humanity, an advocacy and campaign group dedicated to bringing about a global wealth tax with the purpose of eradicating poverty and funding the sustainable development goals. Ané sits on the board of the Human Act Foundation. Ané’s passion for philanthropy and advocacy stems from her early life experiences and a belief in creating an equitable society so no person is left behind.