My name is Djaffar Shalchi. I’m a dollar multimillionaire, and I believe I should be taxed more.

I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1961, and I came to Copenhagen with my mother and four siblings when I was 9 years old. Thanks to the Danish welfare system – and to the Danish tax system – I was fortunate to receive free education, free health care and much more. I became an engineer, then a real estate entrepreneur.

I set up the Human Act Foundation in 2016 because I believe that people like me – the most privileged people to walk the Earth – have a moral and a human obligation to do our part and make sure no one is left behind. Millions of people are still living in poverty and in the last 30 years we’ve seen that philanthropy alone has not been enough to solve the problem. We are still nowhere near having found financing to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Taxing those who have more than enough – like myself – could change this.

In collaboration with partners, we’ve started the Move Humanity and Millionaires for Humanity initiatives. Both are global justice movements that advocate a global wealth tax on the world’s billionaires – to save our planet and to save the people on it. We can afford it.

I hope you’ll join me and my team on this quest. Until I see you, take very good care.