The Forbes Billionaire List is a slap in the face.

The publication of the Forbes Rich List today tells us what we already suspected – that a certain privileged segment of the global population have done extremely well from COVID. While most people around the globe have struggled to adapt and survive to the pandemic, many having lost their jobs, plunged deeper into poverty, those on the Forbes rich list have been able to sit back and watch their wealth soar.
It's an affront to humanity, an insult to the claim that we are all in this together, and a slap in the face to those of us who believe that we share this planet and its resources equally.

Millionaires for Humanity
and founder Djaffar Shalchi in The Guardian.

In the wake of our reaction to the release of the Forbes Billionaire List, British daily newspaper the Guardian published the article:

Total wealth of world’s billionaires has fallen to $12.7tn, says Forbes.


It’s clear from the Forbes list that wealth is unbelievably accumulating at the top, more wealth than can even be comprehended. It’s time to redistribute wealth in a democratic way for the benefit of society, it’s time to tax wealth.
Marlene Engelhorn, Austria - Founding partner of taxmenow and Millionaire Heiress
Currently the globe's wealthiest own close to half of all global wealth, an appalling statistic. It is the billionaire class that have hoarded unimaginable levels of wealth, the same billionaires we see being praised on the Forbes list. Now is the time for billionaires to pay their fare share.
Antonis Schwarz, Germany - Impact Investor, Philanthropist and founder of Guerrilla Foundation
I find myself in a very privileged position, I have not had to struggle due to the global pandemic, many millions of people have not been as lucky. The Forbes list highlights the immense inequalities that exist in our society, a very privileged few hold the solution and all it takes is a commitment, a commitment to a wealth tax.
Djaffar Shalchi, Denmark - Founder of Human Act and real estate entrepreneur

We are millionaires
and we believe that all wealth should be taxed

The ultra-rich have become skilled at avoiding tax payments to the societies where they make their money, but we won’t accept this as the status quo. We won’t accept that a rich list confers some kind of untouchable status on those listed. We believe that all wealth should be taxed. We believe in progressive taxation, and that those who can afford to pay the most should contribute the most. And we believe in a global asset registry that will publicly list the full extent of people’s wealth, so that oligarchs and the super rich can’t hide their wealth, and that governments can tax it properly.

We need governments
to step up to the plate and introduce wealth taxes

In order for that to happen, we need governments to step up to the plate and introduce wealth taxes. We are working with partners across the world to support this happening, and there has never been a greater need for a wealth tax.  Some countries have already introduced one, like Argentina, and even the US is close to introducing what’s known as the Biden Billionaire Tax, with the potential to raise more than 360 billion dollars over the next decade. 

There is enough money in the world for everyone to live to their potential

We want a world where every person can live to their potential. We want a world where democratic processes work and reflect the wishes of the people - not the wishes of the few people with the most money. The Forbes Billionaire List is a reminder that we have work to do.