Norway’s Wealth Tax Is Uncommon. Here’s What America Could Learn From It.

Apr 9, 2021

“Most Norwegians understand that we get something in return for the taxes we pay” says Norwegian business owner Karl Alveng Munthe-Kaas, who supports his country’s wealth tax.

Norwegian entrepreneur Karl Alveng Munthe-Kaas will face a hefty tax bill when the grocery company he co-founded in 2013 goes public. But the 37-year-old isn’t bitter; he welcomes it.

For Munthe-Kaas, a system that raises revenue by targeting those with the greatest capacity to pay makes sense. “I think it’s a simple, and also fair, principle,” said Munthe-Kaas. No one in Norway would have become very wealthy, he said, “if it hadn’t been for the public services the government provides.”

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