JAPAN: Tax Us! Djaffar Shalchi interviewed by Akahata Shimbun

May 31, 2021

To leave a better society for posterity, we have to tax the wealthy

Djaffar Shalchi, the founder of Millionaires for Humanity, was recently interviewed by Akahata Shimbun.

The interview, published on 31 May 2021, highlighted Mr Shalchi’s view that:

“We have to go beyond philanthropy and work for systemic change. Philanthropy is good, but it is not enough. It is said that the total amount provided to philanthropy today is only 24 billion dollars each year. However, the problems that we are facing can only be solved by trillions of dollars. Governments do not have money, but rich people do. So the governments should just tax the rich to get the money. People involved in politics have to ask themselves “what can you do for a better world?”.

Read more in Japanese in Akahata Shimbun.


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