GERMANY: New poll shows 66% support for a wealth tax on multimillionaires

Apr 1, 2021

About two-thirds endorse the introduction of a wealth tax in Germany, a new poll has revealed. Proposal gets backing from voters across party lines

The poll, conducted by international research agency Glocalities, shows that 66% of people support the proposal that people who own more than 8 million euros should pay an extra annual tax of 1% of their annual wealth to fund the recovery and help people in need. Only 10% of people oppose the proposal.

“This result is a message from the public to the politicians. To get out of the crisis and leave no one behind, we need to tax the wealth of multimillionaires and billionaires. As one of those who would have to pay it, I would do so happily, knowing the difference that the tax will make, not only for the fallout from the corona crisis but also to manage the transformation of our economy into a sustainable, just and climate-friendly system,” says Ralph Suikat, a member of Millionaires for Humanity in Germany.

Read more about the press release in German.


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